Rogers County DA Says "Jetta" The Dog Not Dragged Alive

After an extensive investigation, Rogers County District Attorney Janice Steidley says Jetta the dog was not dragged while she was alive, that there was never any evidence to support that fact.

September 1st, Rogers County Sheriff Deputies got a call about a black lab's remains beside a county road in the Winganon area.

The dog, later identified as "Jetta," had wire wrapped around her back legs and her body showed evidence of being dragged.

September 3rd, a man came forward and said he had killed Jetta to end her pain and suffering. The man said Jetta came to his property hurt and in pain August 29th.

He said that after he put her down, he wanted to get her body off his property, so he wrapped a wire around her back legs and dragged her down the road behind his car. He put her body in a ditch where someone found it the next day.

The dog was buried while Rogers County Sheriff's Deputies continued to look into what happened.

Due to national and international interest in the story, the dog's body was then exhumed to perform a necropsy.

The necropsy showed pellets in the dog's head, which confirmed the man's statement about putting Jetta down, but veterinarians could not tell whether or not she was dragged before or after she died.

Steidley says that in a court of law, they could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Jetta had been dragged while alive.

The man is being charged with improperly disposing a carcass, which is a misdemeanor. He could pay up to $500 and spend up to one year in the county jail. He is innocent until proven guilty.