Rogers County District One Maintenance Facility Recycles Courthouse Items

A county commissioner is re-using part of the county's history to equip a new building. Rogers County District 1 is getting a new maintenance facility, and they're saving thousands by using things from the old courthouse.

If you take a look at the old facility along Highway 66 in Chelsea, it explains why they need a new place.

"It would cost more to maintain it than it's worth. So, the best way to take care of it is build a new facility," District 1 Commissioner, Rogers County, Dan DeLozier said.

There was a fire in the old facility in the early 1970's, and the ax marks are still on the walls and the black ash has stained the wood. There is little room to move around and the trucks barely fit to be worked on. So, this district was in need of a new place to hang their signs and with the help of the old courthouse they are saving thousands of dollars.

"To save money. I really don't know how to say it, other than that we there was so much stuff left in the old courthouse that was going to be either torn down and left there or we could use it," DeLozier said.

They moved in exit signs, doors and frames, fire extinguishers, sinks, and every kind of chair, but the main savings came from somewhere else.

"I have people that work for me that can do this stuff and know what they are doing. So, you can see they have come in and we built our offices our self," DeLozier said.

The district's 22 workers have spent the past few months getting the offices just right, and with all the new equipment, they hope even more responsibilities will be coming their way.

"We want to take over the maintenance for the entire county, the sheriff, the planning and zoning, and we will take care of their vehicles, plus be able to keep records on the maintenance on their equipment," DeLozier said.

The idea is to able to produce all the records the vehicles would need and to be transparent with where the counties' money is going. But the bonus to all the savings is the workers have a better and more efficient place to work, and the residents get something as well.

"The more I save on this, the more I can spend on my roads and bridges and that's our main goal here is to take care of the safety of the people of this county," DeLozier said.

The new building is also energy efficient, which will save the county thousands every month. In all, the building will be completed for just $190-thousand and should be complete in October.