Rogers County Voters Could Decide to Change Alcohol Law

Residents in Rogers County will be able to to decide if their alcohol laws should change. Right now, residents can't purchase liquor or wine at a restaurant or bar on Sundays or on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A Claremore resident came to the County Commissioners to get the change put to a vote of the people and to help the county grow.

"It's not a moral issue, it's just about economics," Dewayne Caldwell, said.

Caldwell has lived in Claremore since the 1980's and said this law even includes the two casinos inside the county, which means sales tax revenue could be driving out of the county each weekend.

"If you want to drink over the weekend, like on a Sunday, you have to go to Tulsa or Owasso some other place to get a drink with your Mexican food if you want a margarita or even just your beer and pizza. It would be great to have the tax dollars here in Claremore," Melinda Kennedy, Owner of Wine Down Spirits, said.

County commissioners said this will help new and old businesses.

"That will increase revenue for the county as well as revenue for the business I think we are one of the few counties that haven't moved into the modern age in that respect so I think it's going to be a good thing," Rogers County Commissioner District 3, Kirt Thacker said.

Some people say this change could lead to alcohol problems in the county.

"If someone has a problem with alcohol this isn't going to change for them one way or the other, this is simply a matter of economics and people's rights," Thacker said.

Caldwell said it's about putting Rogers County on an even playing field.

"We are wanting to get bigger and better restaurants and help the development of Claremore, get bigger and better businesses not just restaurants," Caldwell said.

Liquor Stores would still be closed on Sundays. The vote will be on the June 24th ballot.