Rogers County Woman Scamming Local Businesses in Fallen Soldiers Name

A local soldier is killed in action, 19-year-old Jon Townsend died in Afghanistan last weekend. Now there is a woman in Rogers Country going around asking for money in his name which isn't going to the family. Claremore Police say she has returned some of the money but don't know if there are more victims. Claremore Police has identified at least seven business that she targeted but they don't know if any individuals were targeted.
"There are a lot of good businesses out there and people that would donate their money and they just take advantage and it's very disheartening that someone would do this at this time," says Lt. Steve Cox, Claremore Police Department.
Wanda Inman, the president of the Rogers County Blue Star Mothers, says the woman was taking the organizations business card around and asking people for money. Inman says they know this woman and can't believe she would go around posing as a Blue Star Mother during this time.
"It breaks your heart because it could have been us that lost a child. My son has been in Afghanistan, so you just don't do that it's just not appropriate," says Inman.
Cox says they still don't know why this woman was going around posing as a Blue Star Mother.
"She gave us several versions of why she was doing this none of them made a lot of sense to us," says Cox.
Inman says the Blue Star Mothers never go door to door for money. They are always in groups or have a drive or event scheduled that is published around town.
The police department has turned their investigation to the district attorney office and there could be a fraud charge. If you are a victim of this scam you are asked to call Claremore Police at 918-341-1212.