Rose District in Broken Arrow Seeing Growth and More People Shopping

Broken Arrow is seeing an increase in new businesses in the downtown Rose District.

Ten new businesses have opened their doors in the last year meaning the new streets, planters, lights, and sidewalks aren't the only things looking new.

"It shows that people have faith in downtown Broken Arrow and faith in Broken Arrow in general," Director of Downtown Development Lisa Frein said.

Zach Pfaff, owner of the Spoke House Bicycles', the newest business to open, said they are already noticing changes.

"We have seen an increase in the amount of traffic even with construction," Pfaff said.

With more people coming in and spending more the sales tax revenue in this area is up more than ten thousand dollars from last year just along Main Street. The Rose District is 90 percent full and some construction on new restaurants and shops are happing right now.

"It's really time for us to use that make the opportunities for people to live, work, play, and be entertained downtown," Frein said.

The focus of downtown is to make sure the new businesses compliment the others. That's one reason why Spoke House wanted to be downtown.

"Everything that is happening broken arrow is investing a lot of money into it so it made us feel comfortable investing into our business down here," Pfaff said.

The construction of the sidewalks and streets should be complete by next Thursday.

That's when the district will kick-off their holiday season with "Tea-Off" on November 14. That's when they will kick-off the holiday season shopping.

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