Ryan Broyles Learned From His First Knee Injury

You can't help but feel happy when you see the smile of Ryan Broyles. But for the second straight season it had to have been hard for him to muster a grin after suffering two knee injures.

His first was at the end of his senior year at Oklahoma. Then last year on week 13 of his rookie season with the Detroit Lions he hurt the other knee.

Ryan says he's better equipped to return from an injury this time, but there is a struggle between physical and mental aspects of rehab.

"Mentally I feel sharp, I feel like I can do anything. But physically my body is not going to let me." Ryan said, "The first time I got hurt I learned a lot going into my second one. I didn't know when to push and when to pull back. I would push and it would set me back. I would push and it would be a reverse thing. Once you have a second knee it all makes sense. At this week you're going to feel this. At this week you're going to feel strong enough to do this."

Ryan and the Lions beginning training camp in late July.