Ryder's Battle - Part I

"Well, I'm just going to check you out today and then we'll go ahead and look at your scans," said the doctor.

Sometimes getting nothing, means absolutely everything.

"Do you see anything? No. Excellent. Happy Thanksgiving!" said the doctor.

After 7 months of battling brain cancer, Ryder is in remission.

"He's looking great keep, doing what you're doing guys," said the doctor.

And its been a long time coming.

"He started stumbling around... stumbling and slurring. They did surgery first thing."

"I'm gonna flip this tire 1,500 times for Ryder," said supporter Tom DeClue.

"So many people have just come out of the woodwork for Ryder he touches a lot of hearts. And it's MRI by MRI. All you can do is pray in-between that it is shrinking it is going away."

"I wanna go home," said Ryder.

8 months of remission later, Ryder was with his family and friends, continuing their efforts to raise funds and awareness for children's cancer.

"All right Ryder, here we go buddy," said the hairstylist.

Which today means saying goodbye to those golden locks.

"He didn't just say he wanted a haircut, he said he wanted a cancer kids hair cut."

Showing compassion, for those fighting the same fight. Squirming in the barber's chair almost like he used to during doctors visits. And sadly, those days may be returning.

"Ryder is having some problems and he had an MRI on Monday."

He is showing symptoms from when the cancer first began.

"It was kind of expected, but not this soon."

And as worries rise, so to do the balloons for kids with cancer. Spiraling up, like the prayers for recovery.

"It looks like some progression and he'll be about to endure his next battle."

With the cancers return, so too has the virtual pharmacy to fight it. Which is a fight in itself.

"The steroids have had a dramatic effect."

He gained 20 pounds in two months. Ryder looked almost unrecognizable, until you recognize that familiar giggle

But like the Transformers Ryder was watching, the steroids transformed his mood.

"His mood his anger flashes and tantrums were not him," said his mother.

And just has Ryder has changed in appearance. HIs Mom has had a change of heart.

"Because it took him relapsing for me to open my eyes. And I had realized how much time I had lost," she said.

"I was into the drugs and myself and I was dealing with everything in my own way. And none of that really put Ryder first and that's my biggest regret," she said.