Safe Room Options, As Storm Season Approaches

With tornado season quickly approaching, you may be considering a safe room for your family. Since the Joplin tornadoes and storms around the country, shelters are now in high demand.

There are many companies now specializing in storm shelters to meet the needs of families willing to invest in the safety of their loved ones. Some families were concerned about getting stuck inside safe rooms, after recent disasters. But one company has found a remedy with a safe room made of panels and a door that could be dismantled with wrenches, located inside. Tornado Alley Armor Safe Rooms have that safety feature.

That company has also made a showroom floor, in the middle of the Tulsa Promenade Mall, where shoppers can window shop with no pressure. But the owner says this time of year, the product sells itself. The family started the safe room company after Joplin's tragedy. Now they send safe room kits, around the country for families that with to "do it themselves.".

While many companies will put safe rooms below the ground in garages, or homes, Tornado Alley Safe Rooms will put them in closets or above ground in garages. Before you choose a safe room, make sure that you do homework to find out how your safe room was designed. This is a busy season for safe room companies.

"If you get a traditional style right now that is welded together, typically those are about 8 weeks lead time. Ours are about half that, just because of our panel design you can piece it together. You dont have to custom build each individual unit," said Monte McGee.

You can expect to pay from 2 thousand dollars to more than 6 thousand, and now some banks will finance shelters and safe rooms.