Safe Shopper: Keeping You Safe While Shopping this Holiday Season

Many of you will be hitting the stores for a little Christmas shopping in the coming weeks but in the hustle and bustle it's easy to get distracted and that's just what criminals are looking for.
"They know when people aren't paying attention," says Tulsa Police Department Captain Cathy Reynolds.
Capt. Reynolds says after interviewing suspects in the past officers know they are targeting people in crowded situations. The criminals know the hot items and what type of bags they should be in. The first thing to remember, keep your purse zipped and your wallet close to you.
"Keep it low in the basket. You could even put some things over it, probably nothing you need immediately," says Capt. Reynolds.
Capt. Reynolds says don't take more than a couple of credit cards in with you and it depends on what you prefer if you take your gifts out a few times or just wait till you are finished.
"Personally I kind of take them out a little bit at a time because when I go to my car in the evening, I don't want my arms all full with things because if someone comes and grabs a present, or my purse, or my cell phone, I have something to work with," says Capt. Reynolds.
There will be more police officers out at the busy shopping areas. It's part of safe shopper where grant money pays for extra officers to be out watching the areas.