Safer Internet Day, Tips for Your Family

It may be hard to believe. But just imagine your identity being stolen online or someone gaining access to your bank accounts and private pictures. All of your online friends may not be so friendly after all.

Today Google has relaunched it's website, "Good to Know," full of things that are just good to know on the Internet.

Technology can be confusing. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to stay safe. This site and others have a few tips on keep your business your own.

Here are just a few tips you will find online. You can make some positive changes today.

Make sure you have a strong password, a different one for every account. With symbols, letters and numbers.

Don't just use your last name. But use a familiar phrase that makes sense to you like, "Ilikecandy123!"

If you're uploading video to Youtube, you can keep them private, for just yourself or unlisted for only your invited friends.

And with so much nudity and adult material, children may not be able to avoid some things. So experts say talk to your kids about the sites they visit.

You wouldn't leave your front door open would you? Experts say password protect your screens on phones and computers to keep outsiders out of your info.