Safest Ways To Buy Online

A lot of people buy things online.{}{} And most of the time it turns out okay. But it can be risky. You've heard of online purchases that turn into a nightmare.{} Your personal financial information falls into the wrong hands, and a lot of time has to be spent cleaning up the mess.{} The New York Times recently compared the various ways to pay online.Paypal, credit, debit cards.... what's the safest way to buy something online?{}

  • None are perfect, but the Times suggests that good old-fashioned credit cards are your best bet, because they offer the strongest consumer protection features.
  • It's a little riskier to use debit cards online. The money is drawn directly from your bank account, and while you have considerable protection from liability,{} it diminishes as time passes.
  • And services like PayPal put a layer of security between you and the merchant, but your account can be hacked.{} That's why a strong password is important, and change it often and keep an eye on your account.

Also, when you buy online, there's the chance that your items won't arrive. So protect yourself by sticking with trusted merchants.

"Reducing The Anxiety Of Paying Online"{}