Safety Scare On City Bus; Driver Stabbed

A safety scare involving Tulsa's public transportation. A city bus driver is recovering after being stabbed with an ink pen. That passenger has since been arrested and banned from ever riding a city bus again.

The stabbing happened here along Newton. That's when the bus driver stopped the bus to remove an unruly passenger. It's also when the driver was stabbed with a pen similar to this one.

Every driver for Tulsa Transit gets conflict resolution training. It didn't help on Wednesday afternoon.

"Kind of mind blowing," say an eyewitness.

Ronald Jacobs was across the street when a Tulsa transit driver was stabbed.

"He stabbed her with an ink pen in the arm,," says Jacobs who also tells us it started before the bus ever stopped in the 11-hundred block of West Newton.

"He had a girlfriend on the bus with him, that's how the altercation started. He hit her in the face, the bus driver told him to stop and they kept arguing and she stopped the bus, she said get off my bus."

The man was 51-year-old Jack Stipp with an unknown address.

"They got him off the bus, got him contained over here, followed him a block down and fought him there and detained him and that's when police showed up."

"Evidently this gentleman had some issues and unfortunately they erupted on our bus.

Bill Cartwright is general manger of Tulsa Transit and adds "Safety is our biggest concern."

Anytime there's a problem Bus drivers are to report them to dispatchers who then call police. With gas prices on the rise and ridership up 23 percent over the past two years.. Cartwright says incidents like this won't be tolerated adding, "Sometimes we will have to suspend their service for a period of time or in rare instances like this gentleman, we'll suspend his service, he won't be able to ride on Tulsa Transit anymore."

The suspect was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. His bond is set at 30 thousand dollars.

The bus driver was taken to the hospital to be checked out. She sustained minor injuries.