Safety Tips In Wake Of Rapist

As his identity remains unknown, the public is arming themselves against the rapist with what they do know."He has not broken down a door, kicked in a door, broken through a window, anything that makes noise he has not done," said Tulsa police chief Chuck Jordan. "He's not breaking in, so we've got to harden the target," said Carol Bush of the Crime Prevention Network, reminding folks to make your homes uninviting to criminals."It's very simple and inexpensive to put lights on the exterior of your home and make sure they're on," she said. Also be aware of your landscaping."If you'll notice the bushes are really high," she said, commenting on a house. Perfect cover for someone lying in wait at night."So we try to tell people keep your hedges trimmed down so that when you approach your house you can do a scan, look for the hiding places, the dark places, where would be a good place to hide?" she said. The attacks have spurred interest in handguns, which raises another issue all together."If you're not prepared to kill somebody, then don't have a gun," said Bart Dean of the Crime Prevention Network. Being mentally aware of that likelihood is critical, says Dean."Not just stop them, not just wound them, not just hold them for somebody to come and, the police officers to come there, but to actually kill somebody. That's the decision you have to make when you buy and use a gun," he said.An advanced state of alert, accomplished in part, by simply covering the basics.

"You now it's ironic, when I started this job eight years ago I thought, 'You mean we go around and tell people lock their doors and turn on their lights?' 'We go around and tell people to lock their doors and turn on their lights,'" said Bush.