Salvation Army Benefits Twice From Rare-Coin Donation

This coin was dropped into a red kettle anonymously on Saturday.

The Tulsa Salvation Army gets not one but two big donations, all started with a random act of kindness.

On Saturday, a rare coin called a Krugeraand was donated anonymously. It's a South African coin worth nearly $1,700 dollars in the U.S. This is the 3rd holiday in a row that an anonymous donor has slipped this type of solid-gold currency into one of the organization's iconic red kettles.

Tulsa Gold and Silver, near 41st and Sheridan, announced Tuesday that it would match the coin's value. That brings the total donation to $3,400.

It's good news to the Salvation Army, which reports nearly 700 unreturned angels from it's Angel Tree program. The organization is no longer taking toy donations, but you can still help.

Channel 8's Elizabeth Stidham will have more on ways to assist tonight on our evening news.