Sand Springs Fan Has Been Cheering on Her Team Since 1929

Since 1929, a local woman has made it to all of the Sand Springs home football games. Everyone at the games knows Georgie Harris and comes by to say hello.

"I just love it. Oh this is just part of me. Sand Springs is just God's country," Sand Springs fan Georgie Harris said.

The game and plays keep her coming back year after year.

"I like the game. In fact, I will pick a game on TV that I don't even know anybody and I will pick a team and start watching their plays I like the game," Harris said.

Harris moved away for two years to attend college in Shawnee, but said she never liked the teams there as much as her Sandites. She has spread her love for the team to five generations in her family. All of them have gone to Sand Springs Public Schools and they all still come to the games.

"I'm really glad that she still can come here that she is physically able," granddaughter Debbie Thompson said. "She knows more people than I do, in all honesty, people will holler at her and say hi to her. People come up here just to see her."

During Friday's game several people made it up to row 12 in the reserved seats to see Harris and tell her that she is the record holder for coming to the home games.

Harris said she was a cheerleader for Sand Springs back in the 1930's and said they wore black skirts and gold tops. Now she can see her great-granddaughter Hailey Collins on the sidelines cheering for the Sandites.

Harris said a lot has changed over the years. For example, when she was a cheerleader they had games in the afternoons because they had no lights. But nothing will keep her from these games.

"I have sat up here and wrapped up in a quilt when ice was on my feet from the cold," Harris said.