Sand Springs Group Helps Fight Pornography Addictions

A Sand Springs church is using pizza to help fight addictions to pornography.

The Church That Matters hosted a group at the Minutemen Pizza Parlor to talk about the effects of porn on men, families and the community.

Former addicts and addiction experts spoke, trying to get the issue out into the open.

Statistics show that at least seven in ten men will look at porn, "and the other 3 are probably lying," says Rusty Gunn who pastors The Church That Matters.

Gunn says pornography is such a taboo subject that no one likes to talk about.

"We want people to find freedom, because most of the people I've talked to who deal with this issue, they hate themselves for it," Gunn says. "They feel like they have no hope, they feel like they have no control over it, so we want to help give some hope and find some tools to help them find victory in their life."

Gunn says no one is immune to the temptation of porn. Many addictions begin by accidentally clicking on a web site or misspelling a domain name.

If you or someone you know needs help with a pornography addiction, contact the Church That Matters at or call 918-520-3731.