Sand Springs Man Reportedly Chokes Wife, Removes Dentures

Garry Hill

A Sand Springs man was taken into custody this weekend for allegedly choking his wife and taking her dentures.

Officers were notified of the incident Saturday after speaking to the woman at her mother's residence. She stated that her husband, Garry Hill, choked and hit her at their residence in Sand Springs.

Booking information states that the couple got into a verbal argument over money which escalated and turned violent. Hill's wife had reportedly taken $2,000 from him and placed it in a "shoe so he could not find it."

"[She] told me that at one point Garry Hill put his foot on her throat cutting off her airway," the police report went on to describe. Moments later he removed her teeth from her mouth and would not give them back to her.

Officers described in their report that the woman had bruising and red marks around her neck area. She also had scratches and blood inside her mouth.

Hill was located at the couple's residence and arrested for domestic assault and battery.