Sand Springs Man Saves Neighbor Who is Attacked by a Dog

A Sand Springs man was attacked by his roommate's pit bull while entering his own home, Tuesday, March 5.

The victim is in the hospital with injuries to both of his arms. According to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office, the attack occurred around 10:30 p.m. near 800 Long Street in Sand Springs.

The attack started in one yard and ended at the neighbor's front porch. Larry Tessier is the neighbor that saved his friends life.

"When I first grabbed the dog off of Jeremy and had my hand around its throat and got my other hand behind its neck, the dog had started to turn its body and that's the point that I realized if I let the dog go, it was going to try and attack me. I just dropped my weight on it," Tessier said.

Tessier said he soon realized his chokehold wasn't going to calm the dog.

"A couple minutes had gone by and I yelled for my mom to grab a knife and she ran outside actually with a hand full of kitchen knives and I told her to stab it in his lungs in between his ribs," Tessier said.

Tessier said he is glad he was home and able to help, because the dog was raised to be mean.

"I knew it was a problem dog," Tessier said, "It has attacked at least four different times but I'm pretty sure it has attacked five other times."

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office animal control unit has been to this house before.

"This person had received written notice that he was in position of a vicious animal and the animal had to be kept under control and that it could not have anymore violations of attacking someone on private or public land," Major Clark said.

According to Clark, since this is the second reported attack the owner could face criminal charges for a second biting offense. The owner is obligated for any and all medical expenses that the victim received.

This case is still under investigation. Once the investigation is complete the sheriff's office will decide if any charges should be filled. Clark said the dog has been sent to be tested for rabies.