Sand Springs Takes Step Towards "The American"

For now, Charles Page has the best vantage point over Sand Springs, but pretty soon, someone else could have an even loftier view.

"Yeah, it's going to be huge 218 feet," said Sand Springs Mayor Mike Burdge, describing the height of The American statue, and excited about the heights Sand Springs could reach if it's built here.

"There's been a lot of projections, they're saying 1.2, 2 million people coming through the community," he said.

Which would translate into a big boost for a downtown with vacancies.

"Well I do think we need some tourist attractions to draw people in," said business owner Lonna Bar. She just recently relocated her consignment shop to Second and Main, but not before considering...

"I considered going in Tulsa or Owasso, just because of there's more people there," she said.

But loyalty kept her in Sand Springs, and if the statue is built it could pay off nicely.

"We may have to build a lot more hotels, and it may make us a point of destination," said Burdge.

A brighter view for Sand Springs, as folks travel from far and wide to get an amazing view of Sand Springs, from up inside the American.

"You're going to be able to see the river, be able to see Sand Springs, downtown Tulsa, you'll probably be able to see the lake from up there, so it's going to be pretty panoramic," he said.