Sand Springs Teen Tased Three Times for Reported Combative Behavior

Derek Mangum

Tulsa County deputies tased an 18-year-old Sand Springs resident three times after he reportedly became combative over the weekend.

Deputies with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office arrested Derek Mangum and booked him on three complaints of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one complaint of assault on a police officer.

According to an incident report, Mangun was taken into custody after TCSO deputies discovered him and two other girls asleep inside a truck near 2200 W Coyote Trail. All three were reportedly "sleeping heavily."

Moments later the three occupants were able to be woken up and instructed to exit the vehicle. One of the officers described that when all three individuals were walking to their patrol vehicles, Mangum started walking away and refused to listen to any orders.

According to the report, Mangum became combative when one of the officers attempted to place handcuffs on him. After he continued to kick one of the officers and wouldn't listen to warnings, deputies were forced to tase him three times.

Mangum was finally placed in handcuffs after kicking, head butting and ignoring verbal warnings from officers. Officers added that he had red bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol on his breath during the encounter.

He was transported to the Tulsa County Jail on the above charges.