Sand Springs Voters OK Tearing Down Fire Station, But Nix Replacement

Sand Springs residents headed to the polls Tuesday and voted against building a proposed public safety facility.

Voters in Sand Springs were faced with the decision on whether to pass the proposition during a general bond election this week. It was part of an approximately $14 million package.

According to previous reports from KTUL, the proposals focused on public safety and improvements to area parks. All of which shaped up into three propositions:

Proposition One: $11 million for a new public safety facility to house the police and fire departments

Proposition Two: $735,000 to renovate the city municipal building and demolish Fire Station 1

Proposition Three: $2,365,000 for two new splash parks and upgrades to parks and recreational amenities

Results from the Oklahoma State Election Board state that the first proposition failed with 52 percent of residents voting against it. But voters then made the decision to approve the last two at around 50 percent.

City officials stated in a release Wednesday morning that the projects in proposition two would be "put on hold for the time being" since the first proposition failed to pass.

"We appreciate the opportunity to bring the needs of the City of Sand Springs before our residents. Even though not all the proposed projects were approved, we appreciate the support of our Parks projects and will continue to assess the City's needs to improve infrastructure and facilities."