Stranger Plays Santa for Children After Home Destroyed in Christmas Eve Fire

After a fire destroyed their home on Christmas Eve, Yolanda Harvey's grandchildren were worried if Santa would still deliver their gifts.

"It was a horrific night," Harvey said. "They're all in shock. They're just slowly pulling themselves out of it."

But the grandchildren didn't have to worry long, Santa Claus would find them in their temporary home in a Tulsa hotel. He was staying in the room across the hall.

Mike Knecht was in town from Ohio and happened to have the beard and red suit to play the role of Santa - a role he was playing this Christmas for his own grandkids.

Yolanda and her family were told to go downstairs because they had a special visitor. They were greeted by Knecht, looking just like Santa.

"There was one that was still traumatized, he was about 4 or 5, 6 years, yeah but the other ones they were sitting in my lap and everything so I just thought it was cool," Knecht said.

Yolanda says she is grateful Santa made a visit to the hotel.

"I was a ball of tears," said Yolanda. "It was very, very special for them."

In an odd coincidence Yolanda used to live in Ohio in the same area as Knecht's family.