Sapulpa Community Theatre In Jeopardy Of Closing

For the past 25 years a community theatre in Green Country has been providing live entertainment to residents.

"The community theatre; you have this intimacy here," said Debbie Pope.

Pope is a founding member of the only community theater in the town of Sapulpa. She is also the President of the Board of Directors.

"We bought the old Church of Christ building. Turned it into a theatre 25 years ago," Pope said.

Sapulpa Community Theatre brings live entertainment to audiences and provides an outlet for local actors. It costs between $20,000 to $30,000 to put on a production in this theatre.

All the money goes towards royalty fees, utilities and props.

"When your attendance is low you can't fund your production" Pope said.

Last winter the 90 seat theatre experienced lower attendance because of rough winter days. So now they are counting on the community to help keep it alive.

"Our goal at the beginning of our campaign was to raise $20,000. We have raised about $5,000 of that so far. We are going forward with the season. Going forward just believing that the community is going to support us," Pope said.

A place where local children aspire to be the next Broadway star.

"We are doing it for the kids. So that they have some place to go. My grandson who is 10 asked me the other day, "Nana when I get bigger can I come act in a show with you?" and I said sure, but my heart said I hope it is still there," Pope said.

People who've seen actors take this stage say the experience is like no other and it's something that should last forever.

If you would like to donate to the theatre call Pope at 918-227-2169.