Sapulpa Company Plans Slowdown and Layoffs

The Sapulpa glass plant is woven into the fabric of that community. But now we have learned that this major employer is slowing down production and laying off workers.

About 350 people work Verallia North America, in Sapulpa. Right now, they are waiting to find out which of them will be laid off.

The company has seen a slow down in demand for the beer bottles at this plant.

So, they plan to shut down one of the furnaces that fuels production there and that will mean laying off workers.

The company has not said yet, how many workers will be displaced, temporarily.

The plant is a hundred years old and it will impact Sapulpa's economy.

"They are a cherished company for us. We have a 100 year relationship between the city of Sapulpa and this glass plant. We are extremely always concerned at anything that happens," said Ted Fisher, Economic Director for Sapulpa.

The layoffs will start September 16th, and expected to last until the end of December.