Broken Arrow Girl Making Blankets for Homeless

Briley Turnham from Broken Arrow is like any other 10-year-old in that she likes to dance and go swimming. In her spare time, though, she makes blankets for the homeless -- those who are cold at night and don't have shelter.

When her mother taught her to crochet in April, she decided she would start crocheting blankets for the homeless, which she plans to give out on December 20 in an event with John 3:16.

"A lot of love and hard work goes into making the blankets," Turnham said with a smile. "I hope they help the homeless stay warm."

Turnham says crafting the blankets take "quite a while." She has made 12 blankets so far in four months. She started crocheting at 9-years-old.

"She has such a big, soft heart," said Kim Miller, Turnham's grandmother from Sapulpa. Her big heart has affected those as far as Oklahoma City. Turnham said a 73-year-old woman in OKC was so touched by her story that she sent Briley her first crocheting needle, which was 61-years-old.

For more information, visit Briley's Facebook page.

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