Sasquatch Season Ends Poorly for Man in Rogers County

One man in Rogers County who was messing with Sasquatch ended up shot late Saturday night.

According to Rogers County Sheriff's Deputy Wes Lane, two men were wandering in the woods searching for Sasquatch when the shooting incident happened.

"Basically all evidence is pointing to an accidental shooting," Lane said. "...said they were looking for Sasquatch, got spooked. One of them turned and accidentally shot his buddy."

The man was shot with a handgun and the bullet entered his back and exited through his stomach. Lane stated that the injured man was taken to a nearby QuikTrip for what they believe to be because it was an easier location to find.

The man was taken to a Tulsa hospital and was listed in stable condition after surgery. Lane stated that the accidental shooter could face some charges.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton stated that three people have since been arrested. More details to follow.

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