OKC Satanic Black Mass Spurs Backlash

Visit the Oklahoma City Civic Center music website, and right below the listing for Friends and Lovers is the Black Mass of Oklahoma."You don't have to like me, you don't have to like my church," said Adam Daniels in a YouTube video. He will be holding the Black Mass, and addresses the critics who want the civic center to cancel it."You can b#%*h and whine and complain all you want, just stay out of my way," he said."Government can't restrict people who want to say things against another group, including religion," said civic center spokesperson Jennifer Lindsey-McClintock.The civic center says since they're a public facility there's nothing they can do, unless they want a lawsuit."That's one of the primary concerns and it's only because we have been sued before," she said."So be careful how you come at me, cause I am sue happy," said Daniels."This is not new to me, but it's rare," said Bishop Edward Slattery. He has decided to go at the whole ordeal with a request for prayer and fasting. His opinion on the matter?"My personal opinion is that the Devil is taking advantage of this situation and is now seeing for himself an opportunity to get some of these people who take, do not take religion seriously," he said.As for motivation, Daniels says the primary reason is constitutional."We're doing it number one to show religious freedom and religious equality," he said."It's not their, they're not exercising their religious freedom. It's not religious to promote hate, or to mock and blaspheme the mass, which is the most sacred thing we Catholics have. It's Christ himself coming to us," he said.And Catholics aren't the only ones expressing backlash."Showing love as opposed to hate is obviously the best response," said Pastor Anthony Scott of the First Baptist Church. He says the event should increase the resolve of Christians to spread the faith."I think the message of Christ was in the midst of darkness or hate that our love and our light should certainly shine through," he said.A fundamentally biblical battle of good versus evil, with a calm reassurance from those on the side of the Lord."All that we have to do is to pray," said Bishop Slattery.