School Board Member Responds to Third Grade Reading Scores

Nearly a third of Tulsa's third graders scored unsatisfactory on state reading exams.

"It is alarming," said Tulsa school board member Lana Turner-Addsion.

The school board member says half of her schools saw 50% of their third graders score unsatisfactorily on their reading test. Two of her schools had 60% or more of third graders score unsatisfactory.

Our map shows the lowest performing schools were in north Tulsa.

WEB EXTRA: Interactive Map of Reading Scores

"In my opinion demographics and where you stay should not determine your potential for real excellent high achievement. You know in education," said Turner-Addison.

At Academy Central the reading lessons continue, today with 40-percent of their third graders scoring unsatisfactory.

"We are teaching, having intervention until the last day of school. We don't want to waste any moment for an opportunity for a child to learn," said Tedria Charles, principal of Academy Central.

Her students still have not learned if they will be retained, or if they will go to summer school.

"Do I feel pressure? I've always felt pressure since day one when I walked into this board elected positions. We had even worse problems then," said Turner-Addison.

That was 9-years ago and Academy Central was on the needs improvement list then.

Turner says she asked for more information to analyze reading and the needs of students today.

"We thought we were possibly doing a better job, considering we had summer school. You know we have Teach For America teachers coming in here, and helping with that population," said Turner-Addison.

She says improvement takes the entire community

"And we just need to work harder," she said.