Board Members Speak Out After School Grades Made Public

School board members say the grades Tulsa schools received this week were shocking.

Nearly half of Tulsa Public Schools received an "F." But what local school board members did not do was lash out against anyone.

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Instead there was support for Superintendent Keith Ballard, for teachers and principals in the Tulsa district.

There was some support for more teacher pay and teacher incentives. Two board members mentioned parents and how they play a part in student success.

"The schools that have the highest grades also have the largest parent participation. If you look at many schools with failing grades they have no parent participation at all," said Bobbie Gray Elliot, school board member.

School board member Lana Turner Addison countered, "I would never say it is the parents fault because we have no excuses so it is not the parents fault."

Several board members advised, the state should take a look at the grade system, which is flawed according to critics.

None of board members were discouraged by the grade report, that if given to student, would have parents demanding a conference.

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