School Board Responds to Third Grade Reading Results

Tulsa School board president Ruth Ann Fate is responding to the most recent third grade reading scores.

After summer school 470 third graders tested again. Only four students scored satisfactory.

"We are getting more training for some of the teachers, and really enhancing what we are doing," Fate said.

Fate says Tulsa Public Schools will continue the plan of intervention. Hundreds of third graders are preparing to take a third test that could promote them to the fourth grade or retain them in the third.

More than a thousand Tulsa third graders scored unsatisfactory on the Spring exam.

According to the district, less than half of those students enrolled in summer school and of the ones who did enroll, only 4 scored satisfactory.

Fate says she is disappointed. She has been on the school board nearly 20 years and has a message for parents.

"I want parents to know we are working really hard to do the best for their kids and we could use some more help from them. We could have them make sure their kids get to school, encourage them to read," said Fate.

There are four dates scheduled in August for third graders to retest. The last day is one week before school starts.