Bond Vote '13: Union Schools Ask Voters to Approve Updates

Several school districts are asking voters to approve school bond issues. This comes at a time when your students are crowded into classrooms and suffering from state budget cuts.

At Union Public Schools, on their track, the hurdles have been sidelined because administrators say the track is too far gone. They say it has not been upgraded for years and now is a problem that only a bond issue can fix.

Union says the track is so dilapidated, they cannot hold track meets there because it is so dangerous. Looking at the crevices, you can imagine metal cleats getting stuck, with a runner at full speed.

"We actually have crevices in the middle of our track and it's not a safe surface for our students to run on right now," explained assistant superintendent, Dr. Kirt Hartzler.

Union would like voters to approve a 20.4 million dollar bond to take care of the track, but to also build new classrooms. The district has seen 400-new students this year. Some of the money would also purchase land, as administrators feel they will eventually need more room for another elementary school.

The bond money is meant for material items like textbooks, buildings and buses. And right now districts say they are fighting for money for education. The bond issue is money that can be a lifesaver.

"If you think about this, in a school district we are large organization so when you have a chiller or a boiler go out or you have to make capital improvements you want to have a bond issue money set aside for those purposes because if not, then you are tapping into your general fund," said Dr. Hartzler.

You won't see any running on their track this spring, but administrators hope voters will run to the polls to fix this problem.