School Celebration For New American Citizens

Some local families are celebrating American citizenship.

They were welcomed to the United States with a ceremony Thursday morning.

"On the boats and on the planes, they come into America!"

Kids at Angus Valley Elementary School in Sand Springs sang Neil Diamond's "America" before a couple dozen new citizens were sworn in.

Jonathon Castillo with his wife and baby says, he's been looking forward to this day for about 12 years. And now he's ready to celebrate!

"It was a good experience," he says."I feel relieved it finally came to this day."

"It's an awesome learning experience for the kids," says Principal Steve Perdue. "They get to learn what it's like to be naturalized. And also to gain new appreciation for the privilege being an American citizen."

Teachers helped organize the ceremony. And we're told even the custodians and cafeteria workers took part.