School Closed After A Student is Killed and Three Others Injured

Spartan School of Aeronautics closed the day after a student allegedly opened fire, killing a classmate and injuring three others.

It happened on Thursday night at The Landing Apartments just off Pine Street, between Memorial and Mingo.

Police say 41 year old Mark Hopkins started shooting without warning, as his room mates and friends were hanging out, before leaving together. Witnesses told police that Hopkins asked when they were leaving. And shortly after he started shooting.

Hopkins reportedly shot two of his own roommates, but he also is accused of killing 18 year old Chaz Fain, who was from Florida and lived in another apartment.

Investigators don't know if age was a factor, or what triggered the shooting.

Students we met did not the know the shooter nor the victims, who all enrolled in January. This does make them think it could happen to anyone.

"Everybody worries about their security and safety. They come to a technical school and they don't expect something like this to happen," said Jeffrey Bly, a student.

Student say nothing like this has happened before and generally they do feel safe. Police say Spartan has been helpful with the investigation.