School District Asks Voters For Storm Shelters

Okay school administrators are hoping voters approve a bond issue to build a storm shelter.

Teacher Darla Milligan shows off the bathroom that currently doubles storm shelter in Okay.

She adds there's no way it could sustain even an EF-1or EF-2 twister.

"Can you imagine?" she said. "This concrete, if there was a direct hit what that would do."

Okay voters are being asked to approve two propositions, one for transportation and the other for storm shelters. They total $1.5 million.

School officials say it's a small price when you take into account the deadly Moore tornado.

"My biggest fear as an educator is just being responsible for all those students and not knowing that we don't have what they need," says Milligan.

"Parents should rise up. If the tornadoes at Moore don't alert us and tell us wake up, I don't know what will."