School District Searches For Acceptable Buyers of Burned Out Property

Property Needs A Buyer

Tulsa public schools is looking for the right buyer and the right development for a vacant lot.

The burned out building was demolished and all that is left of Barnard Elementary School is the land itself, near 21st and Lewis.

The school burned in September.

Neighbors were dissatisfied with one proposal for the property

And now the district has opened up for more bids for the land.

Developers have homework, deciding what's going to be built next.

Neighbors are concerned and already turned down the 1.3 million dollar proposal for a nursing type facility. But even the youngest neighbors have something to say.

5 year old Molly Mable Mason says she wants the playground back. But that wouldn't make much money. Right now, developers are putting together proposals. The district says they are considering the neighborhood and what would be fitting with this historic area.

The school board president says it's important for neighbors to know, that they are listening.

"Neighbors around the Barnard school were concerned about the property. They encouraged the district maybe not to do that deal right away and do some proposals," said Gary Percefull, school board president.

The district hopes to take in more than a million dollars from the property alone, and expect insurance to pay about 5 million for the building, which burned.