School Leaders Put Pressure on Lawmakers, For Sake of Education

State lawmakers showed up at a legislative breakfast, sponsored by the Tulsa Public School Board of Education.

The school superintendent gave attendees an earful including a shortage of teachers, 32--needed in Tulsa right now.

Monroe's Language Immersion School needs a kindergarten teacher.

One lawmaker said she would push to increase teacher salary, something that has not happened since 2006.

Then, there is the failing a-through-f grade system that has labeled many schools with an "F".

Lawmakers say they want to put a hold on it, study it and see if it is the truth or flawed.

It is about improving achievement and it matters in the classroom.

"It's gonna have to happen through local boards, through our teachers. It's gonna have to happen through our teachers. I dont' think we can legislate that from the state level," said State Rep, Jadine Nollan. Legislators head back to the capitol in February.