School Officials Continue Discussions on Barnard Elementary Site

School officials and area residents are still discussing the future of the land where the former Barnard Elementary School once stood.

Tulsa Public School officials held a meeting Monday evening to discuss the land once occupied by the school. It burned down last year leaving the Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences without a home for a couple of months.

"We know that the site is a huge importance to them just as it is for us," developer Hailey Hinch said. "All three of our backgrounds, my partners and I, all have something to do with Barnard Elementary or growing up in Tulsa and we love the historic presence that Tulsa has."

During the meeting, developers met with residents in order to explore the possibility of selling land valued at more than $1 million. Currently three developers hope to buy the land and use it for residential space. Additionally, the idea of adding a park in the area is also up in the air.

Developers have until Sept. 8 to turn in their bids. If you would like to give input, you can send an email to