School Opening This Fall For Gay & Diverse Students

A one-of-a-kind school will open its doors for the first time this Fall.

Oklahoma Alliance Academy welcomes kids who are diverse, gay, lesbian and transgender, grades sixth through 12th grade.

They are often bullied and at high risk for suicide.

CC Lawhon is the head master and says the need is definitely there.

"What we need is a place with an exceptional education, that's safe for people who don't think like everybody else, who don't have the exact same traditional expected norms that everybody else has, and who have exceptional things about them that need to be fostered, not pushed down because they're different."

Right now, the school doesn't actually have a building.

So this Fall, about 25 kids will take classes at the center's office building in South Tulsa.

Organizers hope to one day open a school in Downtown Tulsa.

For more information go to or call 918-712-8882.

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