School Safety is Concern, One Day After Tragic School Zone Accident

Tulsa Public School Police showed up at Park Elementary School early this morning to direct traffic and to reassure parents the school zone is a safe place.

On Tuesday, a 4 year old girl was killed when an SUV hit her in the driveway to the parking lot of the school.

Today, police say part of the problem is that schools were not built to handle so much traffic, as they are in school zones.

We watched children walk by the memorial for the 4 year old girl, that many of them did not know. Most have heard about the child who was tragically killed in the school zone accident the day before. Some left flowers and stuffed animals to remember the victim.

Now young children are thinking about safety themselves, as big yellow buses and continuous cars are a norm in the school zone. School police say the school zone has become too congested. They directed traffic at Park, today, to reassure parents it is safe.

But parents say it's become too dangerous.

"These people they dont' pay attention to what they are doing and they drive too fast and hold up the stop sign and there is so much more that can be done," said Stephanie Robinette, a concerned mother.

School police can write tickets in the school zone but they would rather educate parents to save children's lives. Today, they did write one ticket to a driver who passed a school bus with it's lights flashing.