Schools Eye Enrollment and Search for Absent Students

It's the second day of school for Tulsa Public Schools, but students are still missing from the classroom.

The district projected 41,783 students to attend the first day of school, but we're told only about 89 percent of those students showed up.The district enrollment center was packed once again with children that should have been in school and were in line with parents. Tulsa Public Schools says many parents waited until the last minute and then had to make multiple trips to complete the enrollment process.

At Memorial Junior High, the Principal Ginger Bunnell says she was missing about 75 students on the first day. Bunnell says she got on the phone and started calling parents asking about absent students.

"I'm trying again today. We are making second phone calls trying to find where students are hoping they will come to school because it is critical. Everybody come. First days are very important for students to learn what is going in at school getting back into the learning environment," said Bunnell.

Tulsa Public Schools says enrollment and attendance numbers may fluctuate until the 5th day of school, when they expect a more reliable attendance number.

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