Scott Verplank Prepares For Champions Tour Debut

It has been another warm and sunny day here at Oak Tree National for the second day of US Senior Open practice rounds. Today's hot topic was Scott Verplank. The Oak Tree resident is making his debut on the 50-and-over circuit.

"I was sitting in my office opening mail because I had been gone all day, opening mail up, and there's a plain-looking envelope, there it is," said Scott Verplank, "and I open it up and it's an AARP membership application, and I went, oh, my gosh. I kind of joke about that, but I was like, well, I guess it's real."

The 19-84 US Amateur Champ will turn 50 Wednesday making him eligible to play on the Champions Tour. He says he looking forward to making his debut on his home course and he hopes to bring the mindset that it's just another round on his favorite track.

"Your mindset to play tournament golf needs to be confident and relaxed and ready to go. So yeah, I would like it to be that same way. I guess in this deal I'm looking forward to the tees not being so far back. That's probably the best thing, although the golf course is plenty hard, but I'll be interested to see how the USGA sets it up and how the scores are. But I'll approach it the same. I'm going to have a lot of -- except that I'm going to have to wear slacks and walk, I'm going to try to make it just like every day out here."

?Verplank also said it was probably time to start playing with guys his own size or more specifically his own age.?

The first round of the US Senior Open begins on Thursday.

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