Scottie Haralson: TU's Emotional Leader

An emotional Scottie Harlason during TU's Senior Day.

As the University of Tulsa Men's Basketball team prepares for its semi-final match up with Memphis tonight, one of the leading voices on the court prepares for what could be his final game in a TU uniform.

Scottie Haralson is a Tulsa transplant - coming to 11th and Harvard by way of UCONN following the 2008-2009 season. This city - his "new" home - means the world to him.

"It's meant a lot - this city has been great," Haralson says. "This team has been great, I love my teammates... I'm going to miss it. I'm just trying to cherish every moment."

The affection Haralson feels for Tulsa took him by surprise - after all, he was just a young player transferring to get more playing time on the court.

"You know, you never really expect it," said Haralson. "You're young, you think basketball is the world, that it's all that really matters. But as the years went by, a lot of highs and lows, you see how much the city and the team means, and how much you're going to miss your teammates."

Judging by the emotion he displayed on Tulsa's senior night, Haralson is going to miss the Golden Hurricane quite a bit. His teammates will miss him, too - as a matter of fact, he and the other seniors are the catalyst for what Tulsa hopes is a run to the C-USA title.

"Scottie's emotion... it hurt us more than it hurt him probably, losing on senior day, " sophomore Pat Swilling, Jr. said. "We didn't want him to go out like that, so we're pretty much playing this tournament for these guys. We don't want them to have their last game in Tulsa be a loss. We want to go as far as we can for them."

A run to the championship for the Golden Hurricane would be a fitting end to Haralson's career at Tulsa.

"It'd mean a lot, " Haralson says. "It's my last year, the first year for Coach Manning - I know it'd mean a lot to him. I just want to do it for this team, you know, they've been behind us all year through the coaching change and everything. It would mean a lot to us... and to the city."