Search Continues For Missing NSU Student Stephen Adams

As leads go, authorities were optimistic. But after one day of searching, they've found nothing.

"The majority of today has been spent in preparation," said Muskogee County D.A. Larry Moore, one of scores of law enforcement officials who descended on an overgrown area with the latest tip on the whereabouts of Stephen Adams.

"Possibly there could be some remains at this location," he said.

The dig site was behind what was left of an old structure that was once a part of Fort Gibson.

"This foundation that we're looking at here is part of the old Dawes Commission," he said.

Monday's excavation, the latest in a flurry of new activity on the case since Stephen's sudden disappearance 9 years ago after taking a final exam.

"He made a phone call to his girlfriend when he left the NSU campus, and told her that he was giving a man a ride to Keys," said Agent Vicky Lyons of the OSBI.

A vacant field in the Keys area was searched earlier this month with no success. Likewise, by the end of the day, investigators had yet to find anything at Ft. Gibson.

"There's not anything that I'm aware of at this point but it's still early in the dig," said Moore.

The continuing search for Stephen. A mystery going on 10 years. A decade waiting justice, waiting for peace.

"As a prosecutor, we're always interested in prosecuting whoever did this, but maybe even more important for his father is finding his son. That's something that Mr. Adams has never ceased doing is trying to find where his son is.