Search Continues in 1996 Cold Case

Investigators are continuing their search for the remains of a Rogers County woman who hasn't been seen since 1996.

Her daughter Desiree Fox returned to the scene today. She says investigators want to question her father, but so far he's refused.

"I love my dad; I love him unconditionally so it's hard for him to be a suspect," Fox said. "I've seen some of the things said on the news and that's hard."

Desiree was barely in school when her mother, Dione Fox, disappeared, and she has questions.

"I've asked where he thinks she might be," Fox said. "He always had an answer - maybe she's here, it' really hard to know."

Kyle Baker with the Rogers County Sheriff's Office says investigators are still hopeful this case will one day be solved and an arrest made.

"It hasn't been ruled out," he said.

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