Search Underway For Remains In 1996 Cold Case

The search for Dione Fox is centered around 20 acres and involves multiple law enforcement agencies.

Fox's disappearance left many questions that remain unanswered almost two decades later. Who killed her and why? Investigators hope they're closer to getting answers.

"We hope we can find hard evidence to strengthen the information that we have," Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

Other questions about this case are why Fox never showed up for a court appearance and then how her car ended up in Noel, Missouri when she was last seen in Tiawah? One Missouri investigator has been on the case from the beginning.

"There's a lot of invested interest for the family and in my case for the daughter. I got to know her. She's going to be a mom herself so the timing couldn't be better so I'm hoping we can find her today," says Deputy Marshal Howard from Noel, Missouri.

Using heavy equipment, horses and cadaver dogs, investigators have come prepared. They also have resources and new technology that may allow them to solve this case and say it should send a message to criminals.

"Eighteen years ago it should've been in someone's mind that these things don't go away there is not statute of limitations on a homicide, and it would bring us great pleasure to bring closure to this family and put somebody in jail," Sheriff Walton said.

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