Search Warrants Reveal Details About Tulsa Serial Rape Attacks

Details surrounding eight attacks in the Tulsa area and one alleged attacker were released this week and made public.

Detectives at the Tulsa Police Department provided KTUL with the search warrant for Desmond Campbell. He's accused of attacking women across the Tulsa area since the beginning of June.

"We've got evidence collected and through that evidence we were able to identify this individual as a suspect," TPD's Jill Roberson said.

Officials stated that the evidence collected includes DNA that links 30-year-old Campbell to the crimes. From the first attack, victims reported that the suspect used a knife, to threaten and coerce them, which police discovered in their search, according to the documents.

And in each attack victims said the attacker used the same vulgar language to describe what he would do to them. Documents also revealed that Campbell lived at the Sand Dollar Apartments on the corner of 61st and Riverside.

In a search of Campbell's apartment, his car and his hospital room, police found a variety of items. Investigators reported finding one woman's nightgown, bedding and items that belonged to victims, including a purse and a wallet.

In at least two cases the victims reported that the suspect forced them to take showers or baths, to destroy evidence. But police stated in at least three cases, they were able to use DNA evidence to link them to the suspect.

Police believe Campbell was injured in an accident just ten minutes after the last attack on Sunday June 29th. He has been in a coma ever since, according to previous reports.

"Our detectives want a chance to talk with suspect, and find out his side of the story and put the pieces together and maybe be able to tell our victims about why this happened to them," said Roberson.