Second Attempt To Put Storm Shelters in Our Public Schools

A grassroots campaign is underway to build storm shelters in all Oklahoma public schools. It's called Take Shelter Oklahoma. On Tuesday their members were pushing their petition drive here in Tulsa. Even though the petition drive failed before, Take Shelter Oklahoma is not giving up. They are working to collect 160,000 signatures in 90 days.

One Oklahoman representing the campaign is a woman named Danni Legg. A mother who knows far too well the feeling of losing her child in a school.

"I have two children that walked away last year and one of them is starting junior high and he is completely unprotected this year and I am terrified for his life," Legg said.

On May 20, 2013 Legg's nine- year -old son Christopher died in Plaza Towers Elementary School during the Moore tornado. Since then Legg has been on a mission to change safety measures in schools. She wants to see storm shelters put in all Oklahoma public schools.

"I personally don't want any other family to go through what my family has had to go through this last year," Legg said.

Legg speaks on behalf of Take Shelter Oklahoma. On Tuesday she and attorney David Slane were pushing their petition drive.

"We are trying to get a bond issue of $500 million to be repaid over 25 years so that the kids could have shelters in all the school," Slane said..

Their push goes beyond severe weather across the state.

"These shelters will serve more than one purpose. They will serve a purpose to protect our children whether its a gunman, an intruder a threat of some sort in the school. It's not just tornadoes," Legg said.

Right now more than 60 percent of Oklahoma Public Schools are without storm shelters. If Take Shelter Oklahoma collects enough signatures then the $500 million bond issue will be on the state ballot in November 2014.