K2 Found in Woman Accused of Second Degree Murder

K2 continually grabs the headlines for the dangers associated with it.

Take, for instance, the man who stumbled into the jail recently, allegedly on that concoction of unpredictability.

"They've been described by other people I've talked to as just an entirely different person," said Sergeant Chris Witt of the Tulsa Police Department.

But it hasn't been until now, that the substance has been associated with a new depth of tragedy.

"She's charged with murder in the second degree," Tulsa County Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said.

Authorities stated Jennifer Shriver was behind the wheel of a red pickup last October, speeding near 4th and Yale, when she slammed into a car carrying three children.

"It was a mess, it was extremely tragic," Sergeant Witt said. "The impact hit the passenger side rear of the car, which is exactly where the victim was sitting, the 8 year-old victim."

Reports from the incident state the children died as a result of the accident. Shriver was taken to the hospital where authorities said test results revealed the presence of K2.

For the Tulsa County District Attorney's office it was new ground. K2 has never been linked with murder.

"This will be the first case that I'm familiar with at least in Tulsa County where we've had this issue," Kunzweiler said.

But before she can be tried, she still has to be arrested.

"We believe that she knows about the warrant at this point," Witt said.

Police have been unable to locate her and are asking for the public's help.

"We don't want it to be just a matter of time before she kills someone else," Witt said.