Second Hand Stores Could See New Regulations In Tulsa

Second hand stores may be hit with new regulations in the next couple of weeks. The Tulsa City Council voted Thursday night for an ordinance that requires second hand stores to follow the same rules as pawn shops.

City Councilor GT Bynum tells Channel 8 that, "Right now, if someone steals something from you and goes to a pawn shop to sell it, they have to provide their ID, there's a wait period, there has to be a serial number provided. All this information is provided and sent to the Tulsa Police Department." He says that the change cleans up the loophole that made it easy for criminals to sell your items.

"We will know if it's stolen. It has to be turned into this system electronically and then it's easier for us to search the database for that property, " Jillian Roberson of the Tulsa Police Department tells us.

The ordinance will not affect churches, non profit entities or one-time events. It does impact video games, music, computers, electronics and sports equipment.

Roberson says, "This is just adding one more step for these other stores that accept property. We're just taking one more option from those bad guys that steal your property. We can help you get it back."

Once the items come into second hand stores, they must wait a week before selling the items. The Council is now waiting on Mayor Bartlett to sign the ordinance.