Second Water Main Break in a Month For BA

The second water main break in a month led to another water emergency in broken arrow Thursday with the city asking residents to conserve water. Crews began work to repair the water line early Thursday morning and completed the repair Thursday afternoon.

"Due to a break in a 24-inch water line near the intersection of 9th and Kenosha, the acting city manager has declared a water emergency for all residents and business customers." That is the recording many Broken Arrow residents woke up to, this morning. Another break in a city water main left crews scrambling to fix the problem as quickly as possible. A mandatory rationing order was put in place all day, with the city telling residents to conserve water for essential use only.

"It's an unfortunate incident. We apologize. It's not something that we want to have happen, but we're trying to minimize the level of frustration that they may feel by trying to get this fixed and get life back to normal," said Norman Stephens with the City of Broken Arrow.

As part of the water conservation, city pools and splash pads were closed until further notice. Stephens says water testing will begin immediately. While the water is not expected to be contaminated it will go through all of the same tests conducted in June.

As the work continued Thursday, the city wanted to make it very clear -- this is not a repeat of what happened last month. "The only thing they have in common is, yes, they both ruptured or they both broke or they're both leaking but, two totally different incidents," said Stephens.

The cause of the water main break is still unknown, but Stephens says breaks like this can occur during this time of year when the ground is very dry.

The city is asking residents to continue limiting water usage, until 6:00 AM on Friday.

An investigation into the cause for the break is on-going.